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Friday, December 10, 2010

In July, we shared some upcoming changes to the way our third party partners should provide reports and information about AdWords to their clients. Starting in February 2011, all advertisers should be able to find out how much of their advertising budget (cost) was spent on AdWords, how many times their ads appeared (impressions) and how many times users clicked on their ads (clicks). While most of our third party partners already provide this basic reporting, for those that are still preparing to meet these new requirements, we’ve included some simple guidelines and answers to frequently asked questions in our Help Center.

We’ve heard from our third party partners and advertisers that it’s important for advertisers to know what to expect when working with a third party partner and how to notify us at Google about violations of our policies. So we’ve created a document for all advertisers that includes this information.

We believe it’s especially important for advertisers with small to medium advertising budgets -- who may not have the resources and expertise of large advertisers -- to know what they can expect when working with our third party partners. If you’re a third party partner and 80% or more of your customers spend less than $1,000 USD (or local currency equivalent) per month on AdWords, you’ll be required to share this document with your customers. To learn how you can meet this requirement, visit our Help Center.

We think that these new requirements ensure that every advertiser that works with a third party partner understands the value that they receive from their partner and AdWords.

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