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Friday, March 18, 2011

Today we released new functionality in Google Partner Search that allows advertisers looking for account management support to directly contact certified partners by filling out a lead form, and for certified partners to easily review and respond to advertiser inquiries.

When Google Partner Search first launched in April 2009, if you found a partner listing and wished to contact the company, you would need to go directly to the company site to find contact information.

Now, to make the lead management process more efficient, we added a “Contact us” button on the company profile page:

This enables you to review and contact certified partners directly through Partner Search:

You'll automatically receive a confirmation email that the lead was sent, and the prospective partner will receive an email alert that a new lead is available for review. Partners can review their leads using the new Lead Management function on their Google AdWords Certification Program page, and from there they can follow up on the lead.

If a partner decides not to pursue your request, you'll receive a notification email informing you of their decision. If this is the case, we encourage you to contact additional partners. To increase the likelihood of finding a suitable partner for your business, we recommend filling in your approximate budget.

If you’re a certified partner, and wish to learn more about the benefits of these features, visit the Agency Ad Solutions Blog.

For more information on these, and other features of the Google Certification Program and Partner Search Engine, please visit the program Help Center.

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