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Friday, September 30, 2011

Global Top Contributor Summit: real people behind user names and friendly smiles instead of emoticons. Meeting offline for the first time!

As you may have read in the official Google blog, the Global Top Contributor Summit recently took place in sunny California. This two-day event brought together for the first time over 250 Top Contributors from Google forums. Top Contributors are longtime members of the Google Help Forums who, over time, have distinguished themselves as true experts by providing helpful tips, advice, and support to other forum visitors.

In this blog post we wanted to tell you more about the AdWords Top Contributors (TCs) and the AdWords portion of the summit. Thirty-five AdWords Top Contributors from AdWords forums in 17 languages took part in the Summit. Coming from around the world, they had a unique chance to meet the AdWords Community Leads, along with Google management and engineering teams.

Alan Eustace talks about Google's focus on users and the importance of their feedback.

The first day of the summit was a gathering of all product Top Contributors. It offered presentations from Google's SVP of Knowledge Alan Eustace, product team managers and the Google Help Forum team. Googlers and TCs also had the opportunity to discuss the future of Google's online communities. The day ended with a ceremony to recognize outstanding Top Contributors.

Google and Top Contributors: collaboration in action

The second day was fully dedicated to AdWords. TCs met with the marketing and product teams to discuss product updates and future collaboration plans. During the Q&A session with the product team, TCs once again showed their outstanding product knowledge and interest in AdWords. We heard passionate discussion between the TCs and Product Managers on to how the next version of AdWords Editor should look. Once the general sessions were over, the participants split into groups with Googlers to brainstorm future initiatives and plans. Lastly, the management team of AdWords recognized the TCs for being the most active, creative and professional members of AdWords communities. In short, the day was filled with tough questions, constructive feedback, a sneak peek of upcoming product features, and well-deserved recognition.

The Summit went by fast, but left behind many joyful memories, new friends, and great feedback. We were touched to hear how much Top Contributors appreciated the opportunity to come to summit. "I've no words to describe how proud I am, to be part of this group of so extraordinary people. From outside… someone could think AdWords TCs are people who think only on how to earn money… no heart… no altruism…. What I've seen is really the opposite. I see collaboration, friendship, respect. Really, really, thank you very much to everybody," -- Andrea, Italy

Join the ongoing summit discussion with other AdWords enthusiasts.

Thank you all for coming!
AdWords Community Team

Posted by Andrew Truong, Inside AdWords crew

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