Think Insights with Google is out of beta and packing a data punch

Friday, November 11, 2011

Quick pop quiz:

1. Based on search history, in what month does consumer demand for pretzels peak?

2. Search adds how much (in $) to the world’s GDP?

3. In 2011, what percent of people dreamed and brainstormed about their next vacation?

4. What percent of the daily queries on have never been seen before?

These are just a few of the questions that can be answered on the new Think Insights with Google, our information and resource hub for marketers. The site is fresh out of beta and sports a playful new look, helpful tools, more studies, the latest trends and exciting videos. We invite you to visit the site, take a look around and see what’s new.

If you only have a few minutes to spare, try playing with our new Real Time Insights Finder tool. With just a few clicks you can spot emerging trends and gain valuable consumer insights, all in real time. For example, the most popular video in common among males 25-34 in Italy and the U.S. is the Official Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 game trailer.

To stay informed on updates to the site, add our Think with Google page on G+ to one of your circles or subscribe to our newsletter.

Use Think Insights as a one-stop shop for consumer trends, marketing insights and industry research that is forward-thinking and rooted in data. We look forward to hearing your feedback and working to make your Think Insights experience as useful as possible.

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