Model bid changes at scale with campaign bid simulator

Friday, May 11, 2012

When we launched bid simulator in 2009, we wanted to make it easy for you to understand the impact of bids on your advertising results. Until now, you’ve been able to access bid simulator at the keyword and ad group level.

To allow you to more easily simulate and apply bid changes at scale, we’re pleased to announce the launch of campaign bid simulator.

To access campaign bid simulator, go to the Opportunities tab and select “campaign bid simulator” from the left navigation tree.

With campaign bid simulator, you can:
  • View bid changes in aggregate and model changes even when keywords or ad groups might not have enough data for this on their own. 
  • See what might happen if you increased or decreased all your bids by a specific percentage (10%, for example). 
  • See whether you may need to increase your campaign budget to ensure it doesn’t become limited by budget at the new bid value. 
  • Model what happens if you changed all your bids in the campaign to a single value. 
  • Download the bid-simulation data at the account or campaign level. 
  • Download an AdWords Editor-compatible file with bid amounts at the simulated level and the ad groups and keywords to which they should be applied. 
Note: this is mock data only and should not be seen as a real or accurate simulation

For more information, visit the AdWords Help Center.

Posted by Sheridan Kates, Product Manager, AdWords

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