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Monday, June 18, 2012

In our third part of the series “AdWords Examples” we’ll look into the ads and how to make them more relevant to the customers you’re targeting. Today's post will review the importance of selecting the right destination URL, as users are generally more likely to convert if they arrive at a website page strongly related to their search query. Let’s continue where we left off with Lisa and her campaign for the Google Store.

A user searching for "Google lava lamps" is interested in the part of the store that is dedicated to Lava Lamps, so Lisa wants anyone clicking on her ads to arrive at a page about lava lamps. Here is the page she would like visitors who searched for “Google lava lamps” to see:

To best target these users, Lisa has created ads in a "Google Lava Lamp" ad group (see below image) with ad texts related to the particular product, not the Google Store in general. She has also set these ads to direct to the Google Lava Lamp part of the Google Store site by using a specific destination and display URL.

The destination URL Lisa would use:

The display URL the user would see in the ad text could be:

The two URLs can be different as long as the domain ( is the same.

Lastly, Lisa has created three separate ads, allowing AdWords to automatically determine which one receives the most clicks.

Remember to always include a strong call to action to tell the user exactly what to expect from the site and what to do there. For example, Lisa used the call to action "Buy one today!,” likely to attract users who want to buy a lava lamp, versus, perhaps learn how to build one.

In our Help Center you can read more about what ad groups are, how to create ad groups and of course also how to create new text ads.

In our next and last part of this series we’ll see how to select and optimize your keywords.

Posted by Alan Zabihi - The Help Center Team

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