AdWords Examples: Structuring your campaigns

Monday, June 4, 2012

This post is part of a four-part series called AdWords Examples. We'll show you an example of an account with a structure of campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads that can be used by an online retailer. We hope you’ll find this helpful in creating your first campaign, and if you need help with the individual steps you can always find them in our AdWords Help Center.

In this example, we’ll see how Lisa is using Google AdWords to market the Google Store online. In the Google Store, you can find all kinds of Google gear, ranging from clothing to toys, and buy gear directly online.

As you can see, this webshop is structured into product categories such as accessories and wearables with subcategories for each specific product. Lisa uses the same structure in her AdWords account as in her store: she uses the product categories from the webshop to create different campaigns. Each product within these categories will then get its own ad group with its own specific set of keywords and ads. 

Using the structure of your website as a model for the structure of your account not only makes it easy to find the individual ads in your account, but it's also an excellent way of making your ads relevant to users. 


Lisa has noticed that the advertising costs for t-shirts and bowling bags are different. By having different product categories in different campaigns, Lisa can define different budgets and bidding options for each product category. This separation also makes reporting and analysis of these different product categories easier. Here’s how to set a budget for your campaign.

If Lisa wanted to reach people who speak different languages or live in different geographic areas, she could create campaigns in different languages, and target the appropriate language and geographic region in her campaign settings. 

You can find step-by-step instructions for creating new campaigns here. In the next part of this series, we’ll examine how to use ad groups to your advantage. Stay tuned!

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