Introducing AdWords Editor 9.8.1

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Today we're pleased to announce AdWords Editor version 9.8.1, which includes the ability to add and edit dynamic search ads and product listing ads, as well as quickly and easily modify location targets. Here's an overview of key updates:

Manage location targeting more easily
The new Locations tab (under Targeting) lets you add, update, and copy location targets more efficiently.

Dynamic search ads and product listing ads now in AdWords Editor
Each of these ad formats has its own tab, where you can view your ads and make changes or additions. You can also manage your dynamic ad targets and product targets on two new targeting tabs.

We've also updated topic targeting, posting, and CSV import, along with other improvements. We encourage you to read through our version 9.8.1 release notes to become familiar with all of the changes.

The next time you launch AdWords Editor, you'll see a prompt to upgrade to version 9.8.1. To learn more about upgrading, including how to keep unposted changes and comments when you upgrade, please review these instructions. You can also download version 9.8.1 from the AdWords Editor website.

Note: Support for previous versions of AdWords Editor will continue for four months to allow you time to upgrade. To ensure uninterrupted use of AdWords Editor, you will need to upgrade by October 28, 2012.

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