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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Last week, in partnership with the Learn With Google program, we held our first “Mobile Education Week” webinar series for your agency or business to learn more about the tools and resources to help you succeed on mobile.

Below are video recordings of these webinars - check them out, and share with your colleagues.

Our Mobile Planet: Understanding U.S. Smartphone Consumers
Our first webinar provided an overview of the 2012 Our Mobile Planet smartphone research. Watch this video if you’d like to learn:
  • How smartphones are transforming core consumer behavior around the world, and the way we connect with others, stay informed, keep ourselves entertained, shop and navigate the world around us.
  • Implications for advertisers and strategies businesses can use to win the moments that matter with mobile.
Ideal for: global agencies and marketers

GoMo: Mobilize your Site with Quickly and Easily New Tools from Google & DudaMobile
The second webinar was a joint effort between Google’s GoMo initiative and DudaMobile on how it is now even easier for small businesses to create a free mobile-friendly website.

View this video if you’d like to learn:
  • Why mobile sites matter
  • Review Google's HowToGoMo.com resource
  • New: How to create free mobile sites for your small business directly from HowToGoMo.com, using a tool powered by DudaMobile
  • Examples and best practices for mobilizing your site using the free DudaMobile tool
Ideal for: small businesses and agencies interested in free tools to create a mobile site

Introducing Mobile Apps Inventory in AdWords
The final webinar shared the new opportunity available with the availability of AdMob inventory to AdWords users.

This video is great if you’d like to learn:
  • How AdWords now makes it easy for you to extend your campaigns to reach users inside mobile apps.
  • Review mobile-specific targeting, ad units, and reporting than enable you to optimize your ROI.
Ideal for: marketers and agencies looking to promote and target mobile apps

Want to learn more about how to help your business or agency succeed on mobile? Stay tuned to all new Mobile Ads news at the Google Mobile Ads blog and YouTube channel.

Posted by Sonja Lee, Product Marketing, Mobile Ads

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