Learn with Google Webinar: VOD on YouTube

Monday, July 16, 2012

78% of online video viewing in the UK is on YouTube, which makes it an excellent platform for VOD. But what are the best ways to maximize it and make it work for your business?

We will cover how to run your TV ad on YouTube in two easy ways - running it on YouTube Homepage to deliver incremental reach and using TrueView InStream formats to deliver scale and engagement. We will also explain how to effectively add YouTube to your TV schedule. This webinar is specifically designed for a TV savvy audience who values the importance of reach and frequency to ensure maximum impact of VOD campaigns.

You can also view the upcoming webinars, as well as previous recordings, on google.co.uk/ads/webinars

We hope you can join us!

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Learn with Google Webinar: VOD on YouTube

Tuesday 17th July, 3 pm GMT

Posted by Allison Sommer

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