Simpler, more powerful tools to reconnect with your customers—and reach new ones

Friday, July 27, 2012

A few years back, we introduced interest based advertising, including remarketing, as a way to reach the right audience with your message and re-engage with customers who have visited your site.

Since then, clients have seen great results - more engagement, better ROI and higher sales. At the same time, remarketing is helping our publishers and is funding content online. And with simple tools like Why this Ad?, the Ads Preferences Manager and Mute This Ad, we’re giving users increased control over the ads they see on Google and across the web.

In response to our clients’ feedback, we’ve been working to make these solutions even better: simplifying the process of getting started with remarketing, giving you more flexibility in managing your remarketing lists and adding new ways to connect with your target audience.

Some specific improvements that are starting to roll out:
  • Smarter, more flexible ways to manage remarketing: Managing your remarketing lists (or getting started with remarketing) is easier and more flexible than ever. We’ve upgraded the AdWords remarketing tag so you only need to place it once across your entire site. You can then define as many lists as you like in AdWords—for example, for pages where the URL contains the word “electronics.” For Google Analytics clients, remarketing today involves multiple tags. We are simplifying this, so that a small edit to your Analytics tag will soon enable you to create remarketing lists right from your Analytics interface. Like lists created with the AdWords remarketing tag, these lists can be used to run campaigns on the Google Display Network. For more details on what’s rolling out in the the coming weeks, check here for the new AdWords remarketing tag and here for Google Analytics.

  • Reaching the right audience: Remarketing delivers great results, but we think there’s even more we can do to help you reach potential customers and connect with a wide audience. For example:
    • Reaching similar audiences: In the coming weeks, we’re gradually adding a new option to enable you to show ads to audiences that are similar to those on your remarketing lists, but who may not have visited your site yet. 
    •  Reaching the right audience with search ads: We’re expanding a test we’ve been running for search ads (described here). This beta allows you to customize your search campaigns, based on your AdWords remarketing lists. It's being made available to clients who have a managed account; reach out to your representative if you're interested.
When online advertising is working at its best, businesses are able to efficiently and effectively connect with their customers, publishers are able to fund their great content, and users see ads that are useful and compelling. We’re committed to investing in the tools—like the ones we’ve discussed today—that can help make this possible.

Posted by Brad Bender, Director, Product Management

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