Taking Extra Precautions to Keep Ads Safe

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

  1. We notify you: If we believe we’ve detected a violation of our policies, we either disapprove your ad, disallow your site from advertising in AdWords, or suspend your AdWords accounts. When we take an action, we will send you an email and send a notification to your account that will provide you customized information about the particular violation(s) we’ve detected, and will include links to AdWords Help Center articles about disapproved ads, suspended sites, or suspended accounts respectively.

  2. You can respond directly: If you think we’ve got it wrong, you can resubmit the ad for review. If you believe your site or account has been penalized inadvertently, or you disagree with our assessment, you can appeal via this form.  The best responses refer to the relevant part of the AdWords Policy Center and provide as much context in your appeal as you can. We respond as fast as we can - it typically takes us five business days to resolve appeals - each one is reviewed manually by a person in our support teams.

Rahul Pangam, Ads Quality Operations and David W. Baker, Ads Engineering

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