Legacy impression share columns to be retired next week

Monday, January 28, 2013

On November 7th we rolled out several improvements and changes for AdWords impression share (IS) reporting. As we mentioned in that initial roll, we’re continuing with our plans to phase out the old IS columns on February 4th.

Any saved reports using the old IS columns will need to be updated to use the new columns. If you don’t remove/replace those columns before they’re retired on February 4th, you won’t be able to run those saved reports.

Upgrading to the new, network-specific columns comes with a number of improvements including:

  • Distinct search and display columns. We’ve added new columns to cleanly separate search and display impression share.
  • “Hour of day” segmentation. We’ve enabled “Hour of day” segmentation so you can evaluate how your ad coverage varies by the hour.
  • Filters, charts and rules. With the new IS columns you can apply filters, see charts, and apply automated rules using IS metrics.
  • Device segmentation.  Starting today you can also segment your IS columns by device so you can see coverage for desktop, mobile and tablet devices separately.

For more information on what’s changing and what you may need to do, visit our AdWords help center, which has additional details.

Posted by Rob Newton, Product Marketing Manager

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