Simpler account structure for applicable accounts created before June 2012

Monday, May 6, 2013

Last June, we simplified the process of setting up and managing your AdWords campaigns, allowing you to select a campaign type that best fits your needs.  All campaigns created before we added these options were defaulted to “All features.” If you are not utilizing any of the advanced features in AdWords, we will migrate your campaign type to “Standard”, which provides a simpler AdWords experience. Note that this change, if appropriate, will happen only for campaigns which are classified “Search Network only” or “Search and Display networks.”

What’s happening?

In the next few weeks, if you have campaigns that only use the features exposed by “Standard” campaigns, we will be migrating them to the “Standard” type. This does not affect how your campaigns serve at all, but it will greatly simplify the set of features that you see when you are using AdWords to manage these campaigns. If you want to change your campaign types back to “All Features,” the migration is easily reversible. Simply go into your campaign settings, and under “Type” you can choose the campaign type you feel best suits your needs.

For more information on choosing a campaign type that is right for you, visit our help center.

Posted by Prashant Baheti, Product Manager, AdWords

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