Learn how to bid like a pro with new whitepaper and webinar for enhanced campaigns

Monday, July 8, 2013

People are constantly connected, switching seamlessly between devices to shop, communicate and stay entertained. Research shows that people now use as many as three devices combinations every day including desktop computers, laptops, phones, tablets, "phablets", web-enabled TVs, and more.

This always-on, multi-device world has dramatically changed user behavior and also presents exciting, new opportunities for online marketers. With AdWords enhanced campaigns, you can now present users with more relevant messages than ever by taking into account contextual information such as a user’s location, device, and the time of day.

Bid adjustments in enhanced campaigns are key to optimizing for these signals.  To help you master bid adjustments and drive better performance, we published a whitepaper, Bid Like a Pro: Strategies for Success in AdWords Enhanced Campaigns where you’ll find the following:
  • Tips for prioritizing bid adjustments based on your business goals
  • Best practices for setting bids by device, location, and time
  • Suggestions for how to integrate more automation into your AdWords strategies
  • Success stories highlighting advertisers’ improved results
You can download the the whitepaper here.

Tune into the webinar 7/11

To learn more about bidding and search strategies, join us on Thursday, 7/11 at 10am PDT for a webinar highlighting bid adjustment best practices and optimization techniques to get the most out of your search campaigns. Bhanu Narasimhan, Product Manager and Ting Zhang, Search Solutions Manager will be hosting.  Register here.

We’d love to hear what you think of the whitepaper. Please let us know what other best practices you’d like to read about. See you all Thursday!

Posted by Andrea Cohan, Product Marketing Manager, AdWords

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