Get more insight into the full customer journey with Cross-account Conversion Tracking and Search Funnels

Monday, August 26, 2013

The path to a purchase for today's online shoppers is rarely straightforward. People interact with a variety of ads along the way.  For example, they may search for your product in the morning at home, then do a more specific search when they get to the office later in the day.

For advertisers, this can make measuring conversions complex. It’s important to see a full picture of your customer’s path to purchase to determine which keywords and ads drive the most conversions.

Over the next few months, we'll be rolling out many new features to give you a clearer picture of your conversions, your customer's path to purchase and your return-on-ad spend (ROAS). Up first on our list of new features are Cross-account Conversion Tracking and Cross-account Search Funnels.

Cross-account Conversion Tracking

If you manage multiple AdWords accounts for your business, you know the work that goes into implementing multiple tags, one for each AdWords account, and merging conversion reports from other tools into AdWords. With Cross-account Conversion Tracking, you can now measure conversions across all your accounts with a single tag and a simple setup.

Cross-account Conversion Tracking helps you:

  • Tag your site quickly and easily. Create one snippet of code to use across all of your accounts. This makes it easier and faster to tag your site and may also improve site load time. 
  • Get more accurate conversion reporting. A single tag ensures that a conversion is only counted once across your accounts. With the cross-account tag, you’ll see assist conversions for all AdWords clicks leading up to a conversion, not just the clicks within one account. This can provide a holistic view of your advertising, and a better understanding of how keywords work together across accounts to drive conversions. 
  • Track new accounts with ease. When you add a new AdWords account to your My Client Center account (MCC), you can enable Conversion Tracking with the check of a box. In addition, you no longer have to re-define all of your conversions when you create a new account. 

To learn how to implement cross-account conversion tracking, read this article from our Help Center. For easier set-up, especially if you’re using tags for other efforts such as remarketing, Google Tag Manager can help you manage all of your tags on your website.

Cross-account Search Funnels

With Cross-account Conversion Tracking, you can use Cross-account Search Funnels reports in your MCC account  to understand your customers’ path to conversion across all of the keywords in all of your accounts.

These reports include:

  • Overview report: Learn how consumers interact with all of your ads across all accounts before making decisions.
  • Top Conversion Paths report: Know which combinations of keywords across your accounts drive the most conversions.
  • Assisted Conversions report: See upper funnel keywords across your accounts that might not be receiving enough value in your attribution measurement.

To learn more about your customer’s interaction with ads across your accounts, read this Help Center article on Search Funnels.

We're excited to offer you these new features, and hope they help make tracking your conversions and optimizing your campaigns easier. The better you understand your customers journey, the better you can serve them. And that's good for business.

Stay tuned for more conversion features coming soon!

Posted by Vishal Goenka, Product Manager, Conversions in AdWords

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