5 New AdWords Campaign Experiments Demo Videos

Thursday, June 2, 2011

A number of advertisers have told us that they want to try AdWords Campaign Experiments (ACE), but they’re not sure what to test. If you’re one of these advertisers, we’ve just created five demo videos that walk you through some example experiments you might want to try.

With our new videos, you can learn how to divide your experiment into control and experiment groups as well as how to run these four experiment types:
  • Keyword match types (e.g., How does adding a modified broad match keyword affect my account?)
  • Bids (e.g., What happens if I increase my bids by 10%?)
  • Ad creatives (e.g., How does new ad text and a new display URL affect my performance?)
  • Ad groups (e.g., Does a broader or more tightly themed ad group structure work better for me?)
We hope these videos help inspire you to run experiments in ACE! In case you need a refresher on how to set up your first experiment, watch our step-by-step video guides here.

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