New My Client Center feature provides easier account management across agencies

Friday, June 3, 2011

Today's post comes cross posted from the AdWords agency blog:

We’ve just released a new My Client Center (MCC) feature called multiple links, which makes it easier for agencies, SEMs, AdWords API developers, other 3rd party providers and clients to work together while taking advantage of the benefits of the MCC structure. It enables up to five MCCs to link to and manage a single AdWords account as necessary. Multiple links also removes the distinction that Google currently has between UI/API and API-only links.

FAQs to help you make the most of this feature:
  • How will the process change for linking an MCC account to a child account?
    The process for linking remains the same. The only change is that when you click on the button “Link Account,” you will no longer see the radio button asking you to identify the access level you require (‘User Interface and API’ or ‘API only’)
  • Now that there are up to five MCCs linked to an account, which MCC will be the bill-to?
    Even though an AdWords account can be linked to up to five MCCs, there will still only be one active budget at a time. Same as today, each budget can be associated with only one Manager Defined Order and each MDO can in turn be associated with only one MCC. Hence, for each budget period, at most one MCC will be billed for the account.
  • Will having up to five MCCs linked to an account impact who is doing account management?
    Anyone who has access to any of the MCCs linked to an account may make changes.
  • Is there any chance that two users of different MCCs could make conflicting changes to the account?
    Yes, this may happen. To reduce the chances of conflicting changes being made, we recommend having clear communication amongst all users about roles and responsibilities for account management.
Additional FAQs for multiple links can be found in the MCC section of the AdWords Help Center.

In addition, if you wish to learn more about multiple links and optional-login accounts in detail, we’ll be hosting a webinar on Wednesday, June 8 2011 at 9amPST / 12pmEST. Register here. Event password: googleMCC.

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