Embedded format now available for Ad Sitelinks

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Since we launched Ad Sitelinks back in 2009, we’ve worked to extend the format to appear on more queries and more devices. We’ve also enhanced Ad Sitelinks with smart serving to automatically show your highest-performing Sitelinks more frequently. Today we’re introducing a new feature of Ad Sitelinks, embedded sitelinks, that makes it even easier to integrate targeted links within your ads.

With the embedded format of Ad Sitelinks, there are no additional lines appended to your text ad. Instead, text in your ad that exactly matches one or more of the sitelinks in your campaign will automatically be linked to that sitelink’s destination URL. With embedded sitelinks, potential customers can pick the part of your ad that applies directly to their current interests and visit the most specific page for that topic.

For example, if you sell home goods, your ad may mention that you sell appliances, furniture, and flatware. If you have separate sitelinks set up for the words “appliances,” “furniture,” and “flatware,” those words would be hyperlinked in your ad text, leading potential customers to a page for the specific part of the ad that drew their interest. We believe that these targeted destination URLs may encourage more users to click on your ad and make it easier for them to find what they’re searching for when they arrive on your site.

To show with embedded sitelinks, your campaign must be enabled for Ad Sitelinks. Also, your ad must appear above the search results, and part of your ad text must exactly match one or more of your Ad Sitelinks. Additionally, embedded sitelinks will only show for ads that don’t meet one or more of the requirements for one- or two-line Ad Sitelinks.

Embedded sitelinks are now available to AdWords users globally, excluding China, Japan and Korea. To learn more about Ad Sitelinks and the new embedded sitelinks feature, you can visit the AdWords Help Center.

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